what is piriformis syndrome

There are lots of people who suffer from Piriformis. It’s painful and annoying for those who have this kind of syndrome. If you are suffering from Piriformis syndrome and you don’t know how to treat it, here are the things you need to know about this unwellness.

This is a discomfort and pain condition that people suffers from. For those people that put there wallet at the back and sit on it all day long may have painful symptoms on the leg. That’s why it is also known as back pocket disease. The Piriformis muscle compressed the sciatic nerves in this kind of ailment. Piriformis syndrome is where the tight and inflamed Piriformis muscles constrict the sciatic nerve because of the entrapment neuropathy that produces radicular symptoms. This kind of syndrome appears when the sciatic nerve becomes irritated, entrapped, compressed by this muscle. This is very painful and persistent. For those who have sciatic there is an estimated 6% that you might have a Piriformis syndrome.

That’s why some treatments will help you take away those painful and annoying feeling. Piriformis syndrome treatment has different types. Rather than going to surgery, you can first have a therapy sessions or just stretching exercises at home or at work. There’s no need for equipments. You can also use a hot compress treatment, this can also help you feel warm and feel better. So these kinds of Piriformis symptom treatment will sure help you with your problems just make sure to ask the doctors for further help and information’s about Piriformis syndrome.

Take care of your body so that you won’t suffer from this syndrome and you not take any medicines. But if you do have this problem, just follow all the advice of your doctor and for sure you will be fine in no time.