What Causes Appendicitis



Situated at the junction of the large intestine (the colon) and of the small intestine, in the lower right part of the abdomen, the appendix is a tubular structure attached to the colon.

The festering of the appendix, appendicitis, represents a medical emergency, because of the fact that there is no particular therapy. But in case it is discovered and dealt with in time, recovery is in most of the cases, imminent. The danger appears in case of a delay, that might cause the bursting of the appendix, producing a festering that can even be lethal. Among the surgery interventions in the abdominal portion, appendicitis is the most frequent, affecting people no matter their age, although it is more frequent between 10 and 30 years.

Important aspects to memorize, regarding Appendicitis:

Appendicitis represents an inflammation of that small, tubular structure situated as an attachment to the large intestine, called appendix.
Surgery is necessary, in order to cure acute appendicitis, by the removal of the appendix.
To diagnose this medical problem, a series of tests made in laboratory, together with imaging tests and accurate physical exams.
From the medical point of view, the inflammation of the appendix represents an emergency
Appendicitis may be recognized by a series of symptoms: abdominal pain, a significant decrease of appetite, nausea, vomiting and contradictory stages (diarrhoea, constipation),traces of fever, incapacity to release gas, a sensation of swelling at the abdomen’s level, but it is not compulsory for every patient to gather all these symptoms.
The following stages, peritonitis or abscess, appear as consequences to rupture, and are provoked by complications of undiscovered and untreated appendicitis.
Latest Observations on Suppurative Appendicitis – Appendicitis represents an appendix inflammation, very frequent, which affects 7% of the Americans in different ages. Studies have proved that in countries with a larger amount of fibre in alimentation the cases of appendicitis are fewer than in the U.S.

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Things To Consider Appendicitis Wise – The first part of the colon, called cecum, is continued with a small tubular structure, the appendix. Appendicitis is usually caused by a small food waste or faeces that block the appendix causing its inflammation.
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History of appendicitis – Today there are lot of treatment and medicines that are available for appendicitis; this might spark a question in your mind that whether appendicitis was known much before or not

Ruptured appendicitis – Whenever there is a delay in the diagnosis or the presentation then there is the state of ruptured appendicitis

Some diseases that mimic appendicitis – There is a main factor that really affects the diagnosis of appendicitis in any patient; this is because there are few diseases that show the same symptoms such as appendicitis