Treatment Methods of Piriformis Syndrome

piriformis syndrome treatment

Piriformis Syndrome can be treated mostly by medications and some differences experienced in lifestyle of the individual. This syndrome can bring about some damages on the nervous system that can not be fixed if it is not treated. So that, it is very important to g oto doctor and give importance of his or her words. There are some treatment alternatives and personal care tips below:

Avoid Some Activities

If activities such as cycling and running cause your pain to increase, try to avoid them for a while.

Take a Walk

Avoid sitting for a long time. Instead of that, take a walk simultaneously and frequently.

Use Hot Water Bag and Ice Bag

In the early periods of this syndrome, try to apply to the area of your body that suffer from pain ice bag. Do this applying each day and three or four times of a day. After couple of days, change the ice bag with hot water bag or heating pillow. If the pain continues to increase, keep applying the ice bag.


The medications that are not included streoid such as ─░buprofen (Motrin, Advil), aspirin, parasetamol (Tylenol), naproxen (Aleve) can decrease your pain immediately.

Making Massage

Make massage to the area that suffer from the pain. A soft massage can be applied to that area with the ice treatment. Lie on the your belly and ask someone for making massage to the area that suffer from the pain with a ice or a ice bag. If you are using ice, be sure that the massage duration is not higher than 8 or 10 minutes. Otherwise, you may experience cold burn. The ice massages can bring about good consequencces especially if it is applied right after the activities that make the pain increase.

Piriformis Syndrome Injection

If the treatment methods that you apply by yourself did not work, you should go to doctor. Your doctor may inject steroid to the area between sciatic nerves and pirigormis muscle. This may decrease your pain.

Piriformis Syndrome Surgery

In severe cases, there may be a need of surgery in order to decrease the press on the sciatic nerves.