piriformis syndrome vs sciatica

Sciatica is a symptom caused by compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve roots, and primarily involves pain. The lower back, legs, feet and buttocks may all be affected, and in addition to pain, the patient may suffer from muscle weakness, numbness and tingling, and difficulty in controlling the legs. 


Late pregnancysciatic nerve pressed by the uterus, also poor posture

Piriformis syndrome sciatic nerve compression by the piriformis muscle

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction – unhealthy posture, insufficient myofascial stretching

Spinal disc herniation – “slipped disc” which presses a sciatic nerve root

Spinal stenosis – spinal canal compresses the cauda equina, sciatic nerve roots, or spinal cord

Trigger pointslower back and gluteus muscles


Diagnosis of sciatica is made by a doctor or medical professional. As many different medical conditions can cause compression of sciatic nerve roots, and different symptoms may appear, a series of physical exams may be administered by the doctor. Some of the activities and positions assumed by the patient may cause pain.Sciatica symptoms are normally felt on only one side of the body. 


Treating sciatica involves caring for the cause of the compressed sciatic nerve root. Symptomatic treatment may also be given in order to relieve pain. Some treatment options include: acupuncture, anti-inflamatory and pain medications, chiropractic care, medical cannabis, osteopathy, physical therapy, Rolfing, surgery, and stretching exercises