Piriformis Syndrome Treatment

Sciatica pain relief treatment typically starts with a week or two in bed, resting the lower back and legs.

This type of discomfort is caused by compression, stress or injury of the sciatic nerve which extends from the bottom tip of the spine down into both legs.

The distress may stay up closer to the back and hips or it may extend all the way down to the toes.

Spending some time in bed is the first step to start the healing process and achieving some pain relief treatment sciatic nerve.

A lot of people experience worse agony when they are in a sitting position because it bends the sciatic nerve. Lying out flat and relaxing the muscles and joints around the nerve will allow the nerve to rest and start recovering.

While in the bed rest phase of sciatica pain relief treatment you can rotate between a heating pad and cold press.

This is a simple sciatica nerve pain treatment that can help you control it.

You can also take medication, either ibuprofen over-the-counter or similar pain medications by prescription.

Doctors will typically only prescribe very harsh pain medications in the case of extreme sciatica that is difficult for the sufferer to bear during the recovery period.

After a week or two, most sciatica sufferers will be able to get out of bed and return to some level of physical activity.

This will happen sooner if doctors are able to determine the cause of the sciatica. In some cases the cause may be known, but for others it can take awhile to figure it out if it is every fully understand at all.

For many people, sciatica will continue to come back over and over until the cause is determined and treated directly.

Sciatica pain relief treatment for these people may come down to surgery. Those who do not respond to bed rest and light exercise or physical therapy may need to go through surgery as well.

Eventually, most people recovering from sciatica will be cleared to start performing stretches and light strengthening exercises.

This is the part of sciatica back pain treatment that often comes when some of the pain is under control or has subsided.

The stretches can help further relieve some of the pain while the strengthening exercises can be used later on in the recovery process.

The process of recovering from sciatic nerve pain is usually not quick. It can take weeks if not months to completely cure the pain and that is only if the cause of the pain can be identified and dealt with effectively.

In cases where the pain is more difficult to diagnose or treat, the pain could continue for months if not years. Those are the cases when surgery may become a necessary form of sciatica pain relief treatment.

It is never the desired therapy since there is risk of permanent damage in some cases, but in some rare cases it could end up being the only option to really get rid of the nerve pain.

If you experience pain from sciatic nerve compression or damage you can start by spending a few days in bed.

If you do not experience any pain relief from that basic sciatica pain relief treatment you should see a doctor to explore other alternatives and identify its cause.