Piriformis Syndrome Diagnostics

Once you are experiencing numbness, tingling, or pain in your legs or buttocks for one week or more, then you should visit your doctor. In some cases, sciatica is able to remain in your muscles for weeks.

When you visit your doctor due to the piriformis syndrome, then your doctor will check out on your medical history and the symptoms that appear on you, to figure out what has triggered your pain.
So far, there is no specific test for piriformis syndrome. In various cases, the patients of this syndrome usually have a trauma history to the area such as dull and dynamic activities like sitting too long.
Your doctor might also will do a physical exam on you by asking you to do some movements which produce the pain on your piriformis muscle.

There are also certain imaging tests that your doctor will require to give a clear identification of what exactly are the causes of your pain. Some tests such as CT scan or MRI will be prescribed by your doctor to define if the cause might be arthritis, or maybe a herniated disk.

If the result turns out to show that the cause of your pain is piriformis syndrome, then your doctor might suggest you take an ultrasound test of the muscle to get a proper diagnosis on your condition.