piriformis syndrome cure

If you are already diagnosed with the piriformis syndrome you might already know how much time & money involves in just having it diagnosed: MRI, Scans, other physical tests, etc.

Now, that you know that’s bitch disease name you might want to look forward and treat it. Find out that there are only a few doctors knowing about this condition and even more less knowing on how to cure the piriformis pain.

There are a few options to be presented which I am aware of and found about very very difficult. I am sure you know what I am talking about, so here are the treatment options I know of:

● the first step is getting a medical massage from a physiotherapist. If you’re extremely lucky and also found a good experimented massage guy / gal one session will work. you will get same day relief by realistically feeling you’re muscles reversing the contraction. it sounds like an untouchable miracle but it’s possible.

● the second option would be getting some special physical exercises which will help the piriformis get untight and stop pressing the sciatic nerve. this one didn’t do anything for me mostly because I didn’t find a good knowledgeable person to indicate the right exercises but only morons who do not even know about this important and painful piriformis syndrome.

● the third option would be getting some injections with corticosteroids. did not try this one but I heard it is only a short temporary relief (a few hours up to a month or so)

● the fourth option which I would be keen to try myself is getting an injection with botox (botulinic toxin) which will calm down the piriformis muscle and as I have heard it keeps you alive and gives your life back for about 6 month in average. I am seriously considering this as a relief which seems to be instant while I keep gathering fresh forces to fight against the condition. keep in mind this is only a temporary relief, not solving the problem itself but if you’re like me keen to get a bit of life while refreshing your mind, this is an option.

● the 5th and the latest option I am aware of is getting a piriformis release surgery which seems to be a permanent solution. the recovering time i heard is about 3 months up to 1 year because they have to cut a lot to reach the tiny muscle. it’s also a hard time trying to find an experimented and aware of surgery doctor.

Keep in mind that some of these might be also combined like botox+exercises, or massage+exercises, etc.

Really really really wish you the best in curing this burning pain which leaves you without your normal life we all deserve.