Piriformis Muscle Stretch

Piriformis Muscle Stretches

Warm Up Exercise

warm Up Exercise

Piriformis muscle stretch warm up exercise is the best warm-up exercise for the beginners. Make your routine to start the exercise by warming up your hips in general. Piriformis muscle stretches just a quite simple but effective pose to make you warm up. It may give a backstretch. Nice stretch that can definitely help you initiate for piriformis syndrome stretching progression. For this warm up exercise, all that you have to do is to lay down on exercise quite straight. Raise your first leg and bend it towards the chest. Again now raise the second leg and stretch your low back by bending knees to the chest.

Cross One Knee Exercise

Cross One Knee Exercise

Cross one knee exercise is also for warming up. This time you just have to bend one knee towards chest. Again raise your leg and bend it to the chest. During stretch keep the other leg in standing position (or you can simply twist it). Each time when you do these steps do not keep stretch for more than half minute. Here you must have idea about the right distance to move legs as it depends upon the tightness of hip muscles and piriformis.

⦁ Knees to the side

Knees to the side

Knees to the side is simple but effectively stretch for the hip and tight piriformis. See the presented above image clearly and follow it exactly (as it is presented). Just bring both knees to one side and move your body a little bit bending towards down. Give stretch until you feel something is happening in the piriformis or hip muscles. Stretch your muscles and stay in this condition for at least 5 seconds. Maximum time duration for this stretch is half minute. Now, after this go back to your original position and try other stretches.

⦁ Siting Stretch

Siting Stretch

Cross knee sitting stretch is an identical yoga style. Cross knee sitting stretch is mostly recommended to the yogis as simple and fashion style stretching exercise. Yoga style sitting stretch is quite easy to learn. To get this yoga stretch you just sit upright and extend your legs in front. Bend your right leg knee over the left leg by crossing it extremely close to the left leg and your abdomen. Bent your knee with arm of left hand. Move a little bit right and left while sitting straight. Repeat this exercise and stay in the same position for at least 5 to 10 seconds.

⦁ Spinal Twist yoga Exercise

Spinal Twist yoga Exercise

After spending a few minute on Piriformis muscle stretch warm up exercise and cross knee exercises now you can move to this exercise. Spinal twist yoga exercise is best for body relaxation and piriformis problem. To get this challenging yoga stretch just sit on the floor straight and cross your right leg on left leg. Bend knee near to the abdomen. Twist your left hand and put some weight on right knee. Somehow, while doing this stretch just avoid extra pressure or stretch on piriformis. Stretch it until it does not pain. Stop stretching immediately if it pains.