Lower Back Pain Causes

Lower Back Pain Causes

Lower back pain is caused by several different motives as including problems with muscles, ligaments or nerves and disc problems or stress. Muscles or ligaments that have been pained or irritated, such as with a strain can cause pain.

lower back pain causes

Most reasons of lower back pain caused in the lumbar spinal region. Muscle, ligament and tendon problems are generally at the root of the pain problems along with some weakness in the lower back pain. Other body parts in the region can also be associated like bones and small joints.

Are you exercising too vigorously? Are you lifting something too heavy weight? Are you twisting your body in a quick movement? Do you have fever? And many more questions are facts as can caused Lower Back Pain.

If you have lower back pain that coincides with pain radiating down one or both legs then, you may have a disc problem.

Another reason for lower back pain is stress. The pain may start, continue, or worsen during an emotionally stressful time. Stress, whether conscious or unconscious, causes the muscles in the back to tighten, which results in pain. So Stress also a main reason for Lower Back Pain.

Smoking can also cause lower back pain due to create overweight. So it is associated with lower back pain but, it is not sure by medical specialists.

Finally, these are main reasons responsible for lower back pain. If you will care your body now then, will avoid Lower Back Pain