Kidney Pain

Kidney Pain

Kidney Pain can be very debilitating, and sometimes you don’t even know the lower back pain you’re having is caused by kidney problems.

Lower back pain can be cause by a lot of different things – a muscle out of place, muscle spasms, skeletal problems… and kidney problems. So, if you have shooting pains in your lower back, please be aware of any other symptoms that can point out to kidney stones or problems. An exercise you can do is to gently punch your lower back where it hurts. If the problem is kidney related, the pain will increase a lot when you punch it, otherwise it will stay consistent.

Now, recent news pointed out that there’s a new element to be taken into account when it comes to kidney pain prevention – did you know that an excess of Vitamin C can cause kidney problems? That’s true.

kidney-pain-causesRegardless of this new knowledge, the most common cause of kidney problems are urinary infections, and so you should ask yourself these questions, if you have kidney pain:

Am I having fevers?
Am I excessively sweating?
Do I show any signs of infection?
Does it hurt when I go to the bathroom?
Prevention is the best way to deal with kidney problems, since they can develop to serious conditions like kidney stones and shutdown of the kidneys.

Normally, people say they are having kidney pain when they have kidney stones, but that is false – what happens is that, when the stones move down from the kidneys into the urethra, pain occurs. Kidney stones don’t cause pain while lodged in the kidneys, only when they move out.

I wrote this article because I felt like sharing some facts about Kidney Pain, because I had it once and I know just what it costs.