It is quite confusing to know of the kidney pain location. This is because people think that the pain is just a muscle back pain. Many have interchanged, and are confused with, the condition with back pain. Also, the location of the kidney itself is quite unknown to a lot of people, making them confused. The best way, therefore, is to know the location of the kidney and to be aware the symptoms of the infection of the kidney.

kidney pain location

Location of Kidney

A lot of people have believed that kidneys are located at the lower abdominal area. That is not really true. You need to know that the left kidney is placed above the right kidney to give place to the liver’s shape. The position of the kidneys makes it harder to know the kidney pain location. Retroperitoneal Cavity, or the area the kidneys are positioned, lies below the diaphragm.

Kidney Pain Location and Symptoms

After running or doing exercises, people sometimes feel pain on their sides. Sometimes, that pain is mistaken to be the kidney pain. Exercising tends to pull the muscle in the back, especially if done a lot of times. The pain should not be mistaken as pain in the kidney. You should not only rely on the pain in the back to know that you have a kidney infection.

Here are some symptoms to help you determine kidney pain.

  • Pain and burning sensation during urination
  • Blood in the urine
  • Irregular urine flow and decreased amount of urine passed
  • Inflammation and swelling in the area
  • Increasing pain when the back area is pushed

There are times when you are experiencing kidney back pain that is increasing substantially. When this happens when you are urinating, more likely, you are experiencing the condition kidney stones. The stone is any material that is blocking up the urinary tract, which can be very painful. The pain location of the kidney stone will also be intense and be felt in the similar areas, like in the lower back area, the lower abdomen area and the groin area.

Kidney stones are one of the three reasons why the back area is experiencing pain. The other two reasons for pain in the back are polycystic kidneys and nephritis.

In order to fully understand the kidney pain location, you need to understand the anatomy of the body, as well as the diagrams of the system and organs, like the kidneys. You don’t need a really detailed analysis. Basic overview will do. Just make sure that you fully understand things. You should be aware of the symptoms of kidney disorders and infections in order to differentiate the kidney pain and back pain.

It is confusing to know the kidney pain location and differentiate it with back pain, because the pain area is similar to each other. However, it is not advisable that you neglect the pain that you feel, just because you feel it is only a back pain. It is always best that you give attention to the pain that you are feeling in order for it to not worsen.