Very short temporary piriformis relief: ibuprofen

how to heal piriformis syndrome quickly

If you are a returning visitor you might already know I suffer from piriformis syndrome. Non returning visitors find out now.

I assume you’re here because of the title:

YES! Ibuprofen 600mg works for me because i get a pain relief for 12 up to 48 hours with one single dose. So if you’re too exhausted fighting mentally to the piriformis and looking for at least a few hours relief, try some ibuprofen. It works for ME! It might or not work for you.

As I know, taking ibuprofen too much or too often will cause you serious trouble like stomach bleeding, so I only take it for emergency and when my desire to be normal for at least a few hours is very powerful. In my country it’s available without prescription so I don’t need to go ask a moron doctor for a simple single dose.

I wrote this small short article in hope this tip will help others like me!