Exercises As A Healthy Piriformis Syndrome Treatment

For those who suffer from piriformis syndrome there are exercises than can help you feel better. The tingling and numbness in your lower back, down to your leg and buttocks, even burning sensations and pain in this area can be relieved by some exercises. There are exercises for piriformis syndrome that you might want to know about.
Usually, doctors recommend pain killers or other drugs to treat the pain. But others may prescribe some exercises that can help relieve the pain of piriformis syndrome. This is a good way to stretch the affected areas to make you feel better. This kind of pirifomis syndrome treatment is easy to do and there’s no harm doing these exercises.
This kind of exercise for piriformis syndrome is called sciatic stretch. You need to lie down on your back. Then the next step is put your good leg cross to you affected leg while raising your affected leg. While the resting leg is on top of your other leg, you need to pull over your raised leg over it. When this happen you slowly curl up and grab your lower knee, then pull your knee in towards your body until you have stretched it. You will feel a good stretch after you pull it to your limit.
Then when you stretch you need to stop if you have a sign of pain already. This kind of exercise for piriformis syndrome should make you feel better so take it easy and slowly so that you will be okay. Practicing and repeating this everyday will make you feel better in no time.
Also you can exercise by running this can also help you stretch your legs and gives you a good feeling. Just don’t force it if you can’t run because of the pain. Make sure that you’re always fit to do this kind of exercise. This piriformis syndrome treatment will surely help you feel good and better, to make sure ask your doctor they will also give you more tips and advice that will be good for you.