Avoid sweets if you have piriformis syndrome

One thing tested by myself numerous times without even knowing it makes the piriformis syndrome pain become worse:

DON’T EAT SWEETS : basically last night I ate a few chocolate sticks and in the morning the pain was even worse. AVOID SUGAR as much as possible :

WHY? I found out that sugar helps the body produce inflammatory “substance or cells” not sure I am not a doctor. But something near that.

Test it on yourself: have a few days with the lowest sugar diet possible: I know, you may say hey everyone knows and tells diet tips nowadays. But this is a person actually suffering from piriformis and I tested before writing this little tip.

Then do a reverse test, eat a chocolate or something sweet. You will wish you wouldn’t want to actually do this test.

Don’t expect a miraculous improvement, just helps avoiding the pain become even worse which is already extreme. I know, how can it become worse than it is? I tell you, IT CAN!