Appendicitis Treatment

Appendicitis Treatment

Appendicitis Treatment

Before surgery instead of food and drink, the child is administered intravenous fluid and antibiotics. At the same time he is examined by a surgeon. The actual treatment is the surgical intervention performed by laparoscopy or open appendectomy.

Human body doesn’t need the appendix, which has no determined role in the function of the organism and appendectomy brings no changes in one’s life.

The necessary treatment for appendicitis

The most common way to deal with the acute form of appendicitis is surgical intervention, which may be performed by means of two methods: open appendectomy which implies a little incision in the lower right abdominal region, or laparoscopy which consists in more incisions of smaller surface. The last method is also useful because it provides information on the possible existence of other internal diseases, and is often preferred to the other one because the scars are smaller and it reduces also recovery time and the use of painkillers. In order to avoid the possibility of a later inflammation, even normal appendix is removed.

The necessary time for recovery depends on surgery method; for open appendectomy few weeks are needed, time in which the patient is on medication and must avoid soliciting actions, while with laparoscopy a shorter amount of time is required but physical effort is also forbidden in the next 4-6 weeks following the surgery. The recovery is complete and further treatment is in most of the times not needed.

Alternative treatments for appendicitis when the condition is not clear may be medical supervision and use of antibiotics. These specific situations appear when the specialist considers more appropriate a treatment that does not include surgical intervention because the effect may be obtained otherwise, in case of infection that produces pain. Still, in most of the cases surgery is necessary and cannot be replaced by antibiotics.

Certain organisms can protect themselves against the extension of infection by generating an abscess, which means the localization of infection on one single particular region of the body. Before the surgical removal of the appendix this abscess must be drained and the area cured which may delay the operation by several weeks.

Appendectomy, Surgical Removal of the Appendix – Appendectomy starts with the performing of an incision 4-7 centimetres of length from the skin to the appendicle area. By this incision, the appendix is searched for, in the lower right side abdominal area and in absence of other complications, is removed and detached from the colon, then the hole in the large intestine is sealed.

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Steps to Expect If Doing an Appendoctomy – Appendectomy represents the surgery by which the inflamed or infected appendix is removed.